Translating from French, Polish and German into English

Improve your global reach.

Share your message in English.

Going global is a major step. It’s not just a matter of language: cultures are different, customer perceptions are different – but your story and message need to stay the same.

Whether you're making a business pitch, sending a press release, producing marketing materials or creating a website, an understanding of your industry and the market it’s in can be as crucial as accuracy and fluency.


My name is Joanna Pawulska Saunders, and I am the owner of Lifestyle Translations.

How can I help?

Your words are important. You chose them carefully and used them to craft a relevant, engaging message.

I help you take that message to your English-speaking audience, making it just as relevant and engaging.


I translate from French, Polish and German into English, specialising in the wine, food and lifestyle sectors.


Food & Wine

From vine to glass, from farm to fork - this is my passion. Agriculture, viticulture, production, labelling, marketing ... and of course, enjoying the end product.

Environment & Sustainability

Both are so important in today's world. Sustainable development, biodiversity, accountability, social responsibility... Let's hear it for the planet!

Business & Marketing

You've got a great product - but we need to hear about it. I'll explore your brand and help make your materials stand out for an English-speaking audience - for all the right reasons.

Creative & Literary

The arts: novels, poetry, opera, music, painting, sculpture; this is all about translating emotion, and it takes a sensitive touch. Expressive words, singable lyrics - poignant, rousing, stirring ... I'm a bit of a geek where culture is concerned, and proud of it.


It might just be my British reserve, but I don't like to ask for testimonials. So here is a selection of comments made spontaneously by my clients. They may seem informal and personal - but for me, that's the ultimate accolade.

"You really know our wines.
I'm so glad we found you."
Wine cooperative, SW France
"Always on time, always
perfectly formed"
UK Marketing Agency
"We can always count on you.
You're the best!"
Major French Wine Producer
"I always look forward to hearing from our Polish colleagues. It means we can work with you again!"
UK Manufacturer
"Thank you so much for the translation. It was a lifesaver at that point...We won the business!"
Wine Communications Agency

Contact & Costs

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Prices are based on the size and complexity of your project. Contact me for a free, no-obligation quote.