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Effective, targeted translation from French, Polish and German
for the food, wine and lifestyle sector.

Going global is not just a matter of switching language. Cultures vary, and potential customers abroad may see things very differently from your clients at home. As the world searches for its new normal, it’s more important than ever that your message makes the right impact.

Whether you’re writing a business pitch, sending a press release, creating a website, producing marketing materials or explaining your environmental and societal stance, it’s vital to have the support of a translator who understands your business, the audience and the changing market. Accuracy and fluency are a given.


My name is Joanna Pawulska Saunders. I own Lifestyle Translations, a boutique translation provider in the lifestyle sector.

How can I help?

Lifestyle subjects take a special touch to translate. It’s as much about emotion as words, as much about the audience as the product; it involves a good knowledge of the subject matter and the universe surrounding it. I’ve helped numerous food and wine companies, estates, châteaux and other professionals in the lifestyle sector translate and refine their materials to bring to an English-speaking market.


I translate from French, Polish and German into English, specialising in the wine, food and lifestyle sector. After many years in the business I also have a wide network of trusted professionals to whom I can turn for other language and subject combinations.


Food & Wine

Your product is your reputation, and deserves respect – from vine to glass, from farm to fork, including agriculture, viticulture, production, labelling, marketing, environmental credentials and menus. These areas require specialist vocabulary, but also a precise understanding of the local audience. I can help you find your voice.

Environment & Sustainability

At last we’re realising our throwaway culture isn’t sustainable, and the associated environmental degradation isn’t easily reversible. As a business, your green credentials are more important than ever to help ensure equity and stability. I have successfully provided environmental and sustainability translations to a variety of clients, particularly in the areas of corporate social responsibility, alternative energy provision and landscape management.

Business & Marketing

Marketing has changed. Advertising and catchy slogans used to do it all, but now it’s important to engage your audience through content marketing and storytelling. It starts with understanding your customer journey and ends with a reassurance that you’ll deliver. It’s about trust. But mindsets differ for different audiences, so what appeals at home may not appeal abroad. That’s where a native speaker, resident in an English-speaking country, comes in. Your audience is my tribe.

Creative & Literary

The arts: novels, poetry, opera, music, painting, sculpture; this is about translating emotion, and takes a sensitive touch. Expressive words, sing-able lyrics – poignant, rousing, stirring… But it’s not my work – I never forget it’s your original work, in my language.


It might be my British reserve, but I don’t like to ask clients for testimonials. So here is a selection of comments made spontaneously by my clients on receiving my work. They may seem informal and personal, but for me that’s the ultimate accolade.

You really know our wines.
I'm so glad we found you.
Wine cooperative, SW France
Always on time, always
perfectly formed
UK Marketing Agency
We can always count on you.
You're the best!
Major French Wine Producer
I always look forward to hearing from our Polish colleagues. It means we can work with you again!
UK Manufacturer
Thank you so much for the translation. It was a lifesaver at that point...We won the business!
Wine Communications Agency

Client markets include:

  • Wine producers, large and small
  • French Wine Marketing Boards (‘Interprofessions’)
  • International Food and Wine Marketing Agencies
  • Arts and Lifestyle-related Communications Companies
  • Authors and publishers


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